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Ranked #1 For Beauty Treatments in Dorset

Based in Christchurch, Dorset. Annie is the leading Nail and Eyelash Expert in the area.


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Can I have the "Newest" 3D or even 6D lashes?

Having looked after so many lashes over the years, I have found from experience that when lashes that are doubled or trebled, it places a greater strain on the natural lash.

Newer lashes are now available from overseas which, even when combined, still weigh less than a standard lash, thus relieving the strain.

It’s important however, to take care of your natural lashes. Annie’s role is to provide all of her clients with safe natural looking nails and lashes.

To this end she no longer offers “excessive weight” multiple lash extensions, instead preferring to continue with the beautiful natural look of the lashes she’s always offered and knows to be safe and strong.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Annie. Always know that Nails and Lashes by Annie stands for NATURAL BEAUTY, safety and strength, at a FAIR PRICE.

Why is that some people keep their lash extensions for weeks and others seem to need a refill every couple of weeks or even less?

1. Mascara residue on your own eyelashes will compromise the contact area between eyelashes and lash extensions. Make sure you have removed ALL of your mascara before coming to your appointment.

2. Extensions applied to curled or permed lashes will not adhere properly. Annie only adds extensions to straight lashes, and will advise you if there’s going to be an issue. She will always give you professional, considered advice.

3. Eyelashes shed naturally, though this can be affected by other factors eg how often you rub your eyes.

4. If Lashes have been in contact with water within 2 hrs after extension were applied, this can affect them. Facial steaming or taking a hot steaming bath is not recommended within 2 days of process.

5. If you have lash extensions that are doubled or more than fifty percent longer than your own lashes, your own lashes may not be strong enough to support them.

As there are so many types of Nail Extensions / Finishes available at widely varying prices, customers regularly ask: -What are you using and why should I pay your price when I can get them cheaper down the road?

One customer recently told me she wanted to take her nail extensions off because they looked and felt so awful. She said she had been talked into a more expensive GEL NAIL finish, and even though she had paid for her daughter to have acrylic nail extensions, she found herself paying 20% more for the gel finish.

I simply asked her the question: “Did the salon use a “LIGHT UNIT” to cure the nails?”

She said: “Not and when it came to taking the extensions off” – it turned out they were acrylic.

Also please note – for years gel nails have historically been cheaper than acrylic because acrylic are believed to be stronger and last longer.

Prices vary wildly from area to area and salon to salon.

Overheads are constantly increasing and clients are expecting to get quality at lower and lower prices.

The old adage stills stands today – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

The cheaper the product the cheaper the result. If you want something to last for weeks then ask your technician which product will suit.

If they only charge you half what the salon down the road charges, then make sure that the finish you are going to get will make your nails look good, and will be comfortable to wear.

Nail extensions that are so thick that they stop you picking up a five pence piece are just one example of poor service.

If your nail extensions look thin but your fingers hurt – especially if the salon uses a drill very aggressively, then this is another example of poor workmanship and can do lasting damage to your nail bed.

You are the customer. Be fair to your salon and they will be fair with you. Choose a salon that gives you the service you want and deserve, and be prepared to pay a fair price.

Stick with your salon instead of changing every week looking for a cheap deal, and you will find that your salon will respect your loyalty and even offer you a regular discount.

Letting your natural nails recover from years of biting is going to take two things:

1. Your commitment to stop biting
2. My treatment of your nails over a twelve weeks period

The timing may be a little shorter or longer but your wedding day nails can look really fantastic if you want it enough.

I achieve this by building up a cover over your own nails to prevent you from biting them easily.

Your own nails will not be damaged – you have already done more than I can in this department but don’t worry it can be corrected.

As each week goes by – you come back for a regular review and re-balance to allow your own nails to grow naturally. Depending on your rate of growth (which will be faster in the summer months), we will be in a position to remove the covers for inspection before your wedding.

Now the choice is yours again. If you are happy with the length we can leave them uncovered and allow them to build their own strength back for a week or so – or simply apply a new cover to the length you want for the big day, colour them to suit your dress and you are away on holiday for a couple of weeks with no worries.

Come back after your honeymoon and make a decision to keep the natural looking covers all of the time, or remove them and stop biting.

Hi folks. I'm hoping someone can help. I have the WORST nails in history. I bit them for years (disgusting I know) but even though I stopped a couple of years ago they are still in a sorry state. They are so soft that they bend at the slightest touch, they flake and peel almost down to the nail bed and they don't so much chip (they would have to be hard to chip) as chunks just fall off. I'm willing to do whatever/ spend whatever it take to get long hard nails.

A big “Hi” from Annie

You remain anonymous so I can only answer you indirectly, but it is a good question and one that many of you want answered.

Bitten nails are an unsightly problem. I used to bite my nails until I started creating nails for other people and guess what? I had to get my own nails in order first.

I can create an acrylic cover for any bitten nail as long as there is still some nail to work with.

For the first few weeks until your own nails start to grow again, you will need to be patient, but as we create longer and longer nails for you – with your own nails growing underneath, you will end up with nails of a length you feel comfortable with.

Biting acrylic nails is very very hard – you will not like it! Acrylic nails are much harder than your own nails and it will allow your own to grow naturally.

If you were to remove the acrylic cover once you are happy with the length, your own nails would feel soft for 24 hours or so and then start to return to their natural state – HEALTHY AND LONG. If you want to start biting again – simply come back for more acrylic nails to stop “the habit”

When you get used to beautiful natural looking long nails – the choice is yours – keep them or bite away. But now your nails will be in good condition once more.

Have fun and don’t be embarrassed – THIS WORKS FOR MEN AS WELL AS WOMEN.